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Potted Silk Arrangement + Service

Potted Silk Arrangement + Service

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Potted Silks stand around 20 inches tall, with the bottom of the arrangement serving as a weight to support stability and keep the arrangement in place. Potted Silks, as well as all arrangements we use for servicing gravestones are made by only the best, Flowers For Cemeteries.

All you have to do is determine which arrangements and/or services you want, and we will take care of it. Once your order is placed, when the arrangement is ready we will then take it to the gravesite and place it on the stone.  We will also discard any arrangements that may already on the stone to give it a new, fresh look. 

All arrangements offered in our services are designed using UV and weather resistant materials, giving your arrangements the strength to last as long as possible. As recommended, arrangements should be swapped out around every 3 months for this is how long they typically last before showing signs of age.


Purchase Options

Everyone has different wants as well as need, therefore we have multiple purchase options available for everyone. You can make a one time purchase, or even sign up for a subscription package to have the stone serviced how ever often you would like.

Can’t make your mind up on what arrangement you would like? Feel free to contact us via contact/quote request form on our Contact page and we can assist with helping you find the best arrangement for your loved one’s memorial.

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