About Us

Over the years many of our loved ones have passed, giving us only memories to enjoy and hold on to dearly. With each family member and friend that leaves this Earth, we are tasked with the planning of funerals, executing wills, and the continued upkeep of their final resting place. 

 As we began to experience busyness, hardships, and new chapters in our lives the care for our loved ones memorials was quickly placed on the back burner.  Over time when we were able to visit we noticed that the neglect of attention was rather saddening and gave us a feeling of guilt. We went from honoring our loved ones to finding reasons why we couldn't go place new flowers on their stone, or clean the grass trimmings and bird droppings off of the grave. 

These are our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family members who while were here were extremely important people in our life.

As we began to give more attention to the gravesites, we noticed that we weren't the only family in the graveyard that had fallen victim to neglect.  This is what ultimately led to the idea of Graves Into Gardens, where we could give gravesite assistance to those who need it.