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Graves Into Gardens Gravesite Services

Grave Site Check Up

Grave Site Check Up

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The Grave Site Check Up is one of our most requested services we offer. This package includes an inspection and report service that consists of a full grave site evaluation. The stone will be checked for any cracks or damage, level inspection to ensure no leaning or tilting, and the status of the grass, surroundings, flowers, and anything else relatable to the grave site. 

A report will be sent giving a description of anything that presents concern. A picture will also be included along with recommended steps or care for the grave. It can also be a way to connect with the memorial without having to make a trip to the gravesite


Once purchased we will contact you with the information provided during checkout to discuss gravesite locations and any other necessary information. 
If you are uncertain of the head stone service that best suits your needs, please visit the contact/request a quote page. 


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